"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

-Katie Thurmes

Are you planning a family vacation and wanting to capture some of the magic?! Taking your kids to Disney? Exploring the mountains of Colorado or the beaches of Florida? Going for a road trip to explore Seattle's finest attractions or visiting the east coast to see some of the most significant places of American history with your kids? Or maybe you are planning a trip across the ocean to France or the Czech Repulic? One of the best times to get family photos is while doing something fun together, and what can be more fun than a special trip abroad?

It can be overwhelming to find a good photographer when you are traveling. You have done the work to find a photographer you trust at home, but what about when you are abroad? Especially while traveling with kids, the logistics of your trip are enough to think about! (Believe me! Been there. Done that. lol.) But you certainly don't want to miss out on preserving those special moments while you are away from home and exploring other areas of this beautiful world! These are some of the most important moments you want your kids to enjoy experiencing and remember for the rest of their lives.

Don't worry! I have done the work for you and connected with many passionate, talented, and fun photographers around the world. Use this guide next time you plan a trip and want some photos to remember it by. As you check out their work, rest assured that your next family vacation can be well documented into timeless art for your family story. Search by the area you will be traveling to and choose a photographer that you are able to see yourself and your most precious family moments in their work. Then go explore the world with the assurance that you will have your most special vacations captured for generations to come. Get out there are make some memories!

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Mom and dad hug little girl with fall colors behind them
mom shows baby girl a field of red flowers
mom kisses little boy while dad holds him
mom and dad hold little boy while laughing
grandma laughs with little girl while mom and son are in the background

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