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Fun Family Photo Sessions in Grants Pass, Oregon and Beyond

Photo sessions should be fun and laid-back for the entire family.  Wiggly toddlers?  No problem!  Kids that like to move and play?  Movement is one of my favorite things to capture! 

When your family is adventurous and engaged, simply enjoying being together, laughing out loud at the retelling of an inside joke, or participating in a favorite activity we can create beautiful, authentic images that tell your unique story.  Something magical happens when we capture those heartfelt and indescribable times of togetherness. 

Family Photo Sessions can take place in one of countless gorgeous outdoor locations in Southern Oregon (and beyond) or even in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s preserve those moments we are so grateful for today for generations to come!  

young boy dressed in blue in the park

Step 1 - Let's Chat!

Whether you want to update family photos or capture special milestones and moments, I am here to help you plan the family session of your dreams. Send me a quick message to get the conversation started.

boy smiles as he walks holding parents hands

Step 2- Choose a time and location

Southern Oregon is full of gorgeous outdoor landscapes. Find an epic location by choosing something with meaning for your family, whether that is outdoors or in the comfort of your own home! The sooner we get your session scheduled the better!

young girl smiles over mom's shoulder at the pond with evergreen trees

Step 3 - Prepare

Sessions always go smoother when we are fully prepared. You will receive an email with everything you need to know as well as the option to do a phone consultation prior to your session.

baby girl with mom at a field of red flowers

Step 4 - Capture those moments!

Your session day will be here before you know it. Relax! I will give you lots of guidance, and we'll work together to capture your family as you really are in this very moment. You will walk away with images that tell your family story for years to come.

Featured Grateful Moments Family Galleries

daughter kisses mom on the cheek by a pond with evergreen trees
Mom and 2 daughters sit on a bench by a pond with greenery
girl dressed in white by a pond
mom and 2 daughters embrace by a pond
girl twirls her dress by a pond with evergreen trees
2 young sisters dance on a dock by a pond
2 sisters hold hands and skip on a dock by a pond
sisters hold hands and spin by a pond
mom and daughter embrace by a pond and trees
mom tosses daughter in the air by a pond with trees
mom twirls daughter on a dock by the water
mom and daughter touch foreheads
mom and daughter dance together on a dock
mom and daughter embrace by the water
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family of 4 cuddle on the couch by bay windows
family of 4 embrace in the window light
smiling family of 4 sitting on a couch
family lifts up young daughter while sitting on a couch
family dance party by bay windows
parents and 2 young girls dance by bay windows
family dances together by windows
family ring around the rosie with young girl looking
family of 4 pose on a carpet with daughter doing the splits
young girl tickled by big sister
sisters do piggyback
portrait of a young girl in window light
young girl with curly hair and blue eyes in window light
family of 4 gathered together on the carpet
family of 4 talking together
sisters embrace
mom and daughter play clapping game
parents and 2 daughters gather at the table for cinnamon rolls
young girl enjoying cinnamon rolls
parents enjoying cinnamon rolls
young girl riding a scooter in the house
young girl riding a scooter and looking out the window
young girl smelling flowers in window light
girl roller blading in the house
girl in a rainbow colored hammock
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Family of 8 holding hands at the park
Family of 8 all smiling surrounded by fall colors
family of 8 laughing together at the park
family of 8 embracing
family of 8 ring around the rosie
baby boy looks over mom's shoulder
little girl smiles while leaning on a bridge railing
mom with 6 smiling kids
Mom with 6 kids having fun on the bridge
baby boy loved on by siblings
family of 8 smiling on the bridge
kids running on the bridge
little girl racing on the bridge
little boy racing on the bridge
Mom, dad, and daughter laugh with baby boy
family of 8 smiling by the stairs
dad holding all 6 kids
family of 8 playing in the leaves
little boy throws leaves with family of 8
leaf toss with family of 8
leaves falling on family of 8
little girl with arms in the air excited
boy smiling in the park
Mom smiling with baby boy
5 kids on a blanket in the leaves
5 kids lying on a blanket smiling
big sister smiling with baby boy
6 kids doing karate moves with dad
Mom holding little boy
Mom and dad holding little boy laughing
Mom, dad, and baby boy embrace and look at each other
Mom and dad hug baby boy
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A Grateful Moments Family Session is for you if...

Smiling baby boy sits on a rock by the river with mom

You want real images that tell your story

Moments happen. They pass us by. Your family shares a connection that is unique to you. This is what I aim to capture at every session. While we will use poses to get us started, the majority of the session will be aimed at using action and activity to document the story of your family.

dad tickles son with fall trees behind them

You want images that make you feel something

Emotion takes us back to the moment. We remember and relive. Every family memory is precious, and it is the connection and emotion that make a beautiful image.

smiling baby boy held by mom

You want an all-inclusive experience

Every session is all-inclusive. That means that you don't have to choose which photos you want to keep. I want you to have all of the beautiful moments that we worked together to capture!

Pricing & Packages

Family Sessions

1 hour session
all-inclusive images

*Extended Family sessions are also available. Inquire for details.

Starting at $250

*Locations over 30 minutes from Grants Pass, OR subject to travel fees


Eden and David

“Alicia was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was warm, professional and she did a great job getting us to relax in front of the camera. She managed to get my son to keep playing as she took pics far longer than I expected. Even my husband, who is a bit of a photo skeptic, says he enjoyed the session and loved how the photos turned out. We can’t recommend her enough!”

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senior portrait of a girl with a pink sweater by the pond
Bride and groom at a vineyard
little girl with brown curly hair and blue eyes
Mom and daughter touch noses at the park
baby girl with a green bow smiles over dad's shoulder
family of 3 embraces by the pond
sister and brother laugh while being thrown on the bed
brother and baby sister embrace on the bed
bride and groom embrace by the pond