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Relaxed Newborn Photo Sessions in Grants Pass, Oregon and Beyond

Lifestyle Newborn photography is relaxed, involves the entire family, and revolves around the comfort of your new little one. Your baby's safety is my top priority! I use very simple wraps and gentle baby-led posing that can all be done without your new little one leaving your arms.

A new baby brings countless fleeting moments you don’t want to forget.  There are so many treasured details to capture!  Every member of the family transitions and welcomes the new baby with indescribable moments that start the bond of a lifetime.  The best images preserve the emotion of this stage of your lives, giving you timeless art for generations to come!

Newborn sessions involve very little posing, a lot of guidance, and real family moments that naturally occur when you welcome a new little one into the family. Your baby does not have to be in a certain age window.

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home or at one of the many beautiful outdoor locations in Southern Oregon during the warmer months.  

For Your Safety

  • wraps and blankets that I bring will all be freshly washed.
  • shoes will be taken off at the door.
  • hands will be washed upon arrival and throughout the session.
  • you will be notified, and the session rescheduled if I or anyone in my family is sick.

There is nothing more important to me than the safety of your newborn!

Baby girl by lavender in a basket

Step 1 - Let's Chat!

I am here to help you plan the Newborn Session of your dreams. Send me a quick message to get the conversation started.

newborn girl with white floral headband and pink pacifier

Step 2- Choose a time and location.

Most Newborn Sessions are done in your own home for the comfort and safety of your baby. Outdoor locations are also available during the warmer months. The sooner we get your session scheduled the better!

newborn boy in blue surrounded by mom and dad's hands

Step 3 - Prepare

Sessions always go smoother when we are fully prepared. You will receive an email with everything you need to know as well as the option to do a phone consultation prior to your session.

Mom holding and snuggling newborn girl

Step 4 - Capture those moments!

Your session day will be here before you know it. Relax! I will give you lots of guidance, and we'll work together to capture your family and new baby as you really are in this very moment. You will walk away with images that tell your family story for years to come.

Featured Grateful Moments Newborn Galleries

mom and dad smile at each other while holding twins
twin girls swaddled with lily flowers around them
mom and dad hold twin girls
baby girl swaddled in pink with lily flowers
mom holds baby girl and pets dog
mom looks down at baby girl in her arms
dog checks on baby girl in mom's arms
mom holds baby girl swaddled in green
mom rocks baby girl in chair by window
twin girls swaddled and looking towards each other
baby girl swaddled in green looks towards twin sister
mom smiles at baby girl swaddled in pink
baby girl in mom's arms
mom holds twin girls by the window
baby girl swaddled in green and lying in her crib
dog checks on baby girl swaddled in green lying in crib
baby girl swaddled and lying in crib
dog checks on baby girl lying in crib
dad holds baby girl swaddled in green
dad kisses baby girl swaddled in green
dad smiles and holds baby girl swaddled in pink
baby girl's head in dad's hands
dad holds baby girl swaddled in pink
baby girl swaddled in pink looks out from crib
dad holds twin girls by the window
baby girl swaddled in pink lying in crib
twin girls swaddled and sleeping together
mom looks down at baby girl sleeping
mom and one twin with dad and the other twin in the background
mom and dad hold twins and laugh with grandma
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dad and mom hold baby girl by crib in the nursery
dad and mom look down at newborn girl
dad and mom laugh together while holding baby girl
dad cradles baby girl's head while mom holds her
dad and mom hold newborn girl in the nursery
mom rocks baby girl in pink nursery
Mom holds newborn girl in the nursery by crib
newborn girl sleeps and stretches her fingers
Newborn girl lying in her crib on blankets
dad shows baby girl a stuffed horse
baby girl stretches in her crib
dad and mom read to baby girl in a small canvas tent
baby girl lying on her parents' bed
portrait of a newborn girl
family of 3 with golden retriever sitting on the bed
golden retriever with family with new baby in the background
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mom and dad hold newborn boy on the couch
baby boy's feet
family of 4 laughs together on the couch
big brother looks at little brother on the couch
big brother hugs little brother
big brother snuggles little brother
big brother watches new baby brother
dad plays with little boy
mom plays with little boy
mom feels baby boy's feet
baby boy sleeps in moses basket
baby boy with gray hat in moses basket
portrait of baby boy in gray
baby boy sleeping in moses basket portrait
big brother looks at new baby in moses basket
mom shows boy baby brother in moses basket
mom and dad reach for sleeping baby boy
baby boy cuddled up on the bed
close up of baby boy's face and lips
dad looks down at baby boy
dad holds baby boy
mom holds baby boy
mom and dad hold baby boy on the bed
mom and dad look at sleeping baby boy
mom kisses baby boy
baby boy stretches in his sleep
mom looks down at baby boy
baby boy smiles in his sleep
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A Grateful Moments Newborn Session is for you if...

mom and dad hold baby girl by the window

You want real images that tell your story.

Moments happen. They pass us by. Your family shares a connection that is unique to you, and your new little one is a part of that! This is what I aim to capture at every session. While we will use poses to get us started, the majority of the session will be aimed at using action and activity to document your family. Most of the focus is on your beautiful baby's debut into your family story.

dad and mom kiss baby boy on the cheek in the kitchen

You want images that make you feel something.

Emotion takes us back to the moment. Every family memory is precious, and it is the connection and emotion that make a timeless image.

Your baby's safety is my top priority! I use very gentle baby-led posing and wraps that can all be done without your baby ever leaving your arms. Props that are meaningful to you can be included as well.

baby girl yawns in a moses basket

You want a relaxed, all-inclusive experience.

Every session is all-inclusive. That means that you don't have to choose which photos you want to keep. I want you to have all of the beautiful moments that we worked together to capture!

Newborn sessions are scheduled for 2 hours to allow for baby's feeding and changing schedule and make it a relaxed experience for the entire family.

Pricing & Packages

Newborn Sessions

Up to 2-hours
all-inclusive images

Starting at $350

*Locations over 30 minutes from Grants Pass, OR subject to travel fees

Don't miss preserving memories from your pregnancy as well with beautiful Maternity photography. These sessions are available to families that schedule Newborn Sessions as an add-on.


James and Amanda

“We had the best experience with Grateful Moments Photography during our newborn in home session. Alicia also took some family shots as well which is very appreciative. Alicia was very patient and understanding with our toddler who didn't want to sit still or be photographed. Yet she was still able to get some great shots. At the end of our session Alicia made sure she got all the shots we wanted. She has a great eye and utilized all the angles to give us a variety, and the turnaround time was very fast.”

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portrait of high school senior girl by the pond
wedding couple by a vineyard
portrait of a girl with blue eyes
mom and daughter lean into each other by the pond
baby girl smiling over dad's shoulder
family of 3 snuggle together by the pond
sister and brother laugh while being tossed on the bed
baby girl looks at big brother on the bed
wedding couple embrace by the pond