"He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend, and protect like a bodyguard." - Unknown

As a mom one of my favorite things to watch is the relationship that my son has with his "Papa." There is nothing quite like it! The role that fathers have in the lives of their children is influential, sacred, unique, and so inspiring to observe. My boy just loves his father, and they really share a special bond. He not only looks up to him but genuinely enjoys every moment of attention that my husband is able to give him. As a father, my husband is not only provider but best friend, confidant, teacher, and coach. A father's role is truly irreplaceable.

"It is a wise father who knows his own child." -William Shakespeare

I remember rushing out the door to greet my own father every time he came home after a long day of work. He so often gave us the gift of knowing and being known. He invested in us every day, even the busy days. There is a certain joy that children feel when their father notices them, plays with them, helps them, and cares about them. Vacations were always greatly anticipated by us kids because, as a doctor my father's time was in high demand, and we knew that he would take the time to play with us during his time off. To watch him play with his grandchildren now is one of my favorite things to do!

As a photographer I have had the privilege to capture so many memories for so many dads and granddads. Each one loves their family fiercely. Each relationship is special and worth celebrating. Enjoy scrolling through these moments that capture what it is to be a father that loves his kids!

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