Visiting Southern Oregon? Or, simply looking for a new place to take your family for a special treat? Look no further! House of Glory Cafe is truly an artisanal dessert experience that the entire family can enjoy! Located in historic downtown Grants Pass, this little gem is serving delicious food with gluten free options. Every detail has been carefully prepared. And the atmosphere is warm, cozy, and comfortable for a quick gathering while you enjoy the company and sweets.

house of glory cafe decor
house of glory shop window
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Dessert anyone? Warm drinks? Or, looking for a quick bite while out shopping? Well, look no further because House of Glory is the perfect little cafe to visit with the entire family. Whether you are out shopping, looking for a special treat, or need a good spot to meet a friend for coffee House of Glory offers a great atmosphere and a delicious menu.

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family ordering gelato
staff serving gelato

Everyone loves a good gelato! Cheesecake anyone? And who doesn't want a fresh cup of organic coffee?! House of Glory uses top quality ingredients and thinks about every detail. The coffee is ground on the spot in order to give you the best tasting drink around.

Whether you are local to Grants Pass or just passing through, House of Glory is a great place to stop in for a treat. Bring the family and enjoy some artisanal desserts that will delight your palette while you enjoy each other's company in a fun environment. Or get a warm drink and sit and rest for a while before you return to your journey. You won't be sorry you stopped by!

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baby boy snuggled into mom
feeding baby boy

Finding a spot that the entire family enjoys can be a challenge! Especially if anyone in your family has food sensitivities or dietary restrictions. But House of Glory has you covered! Not only do they offer gluten free and organic options. They are also more than willing to accommodate for special dietary needs as much as possible. And their menu options have something for everyone. As a parent with a child with food sensitivities, this means a lot to me. And this is one of the only places I can take my son for a special warm drink. And, as a photographer, I have even seen people use this shop for a gluten free wedding cake! The couple was so excited that they were able to make it in time to get almost 2 cakes before they sold out.

family of 3 enjoying gelato
baby boy yawning
offering baby gelato

The staff at House of Glory is professional, kind, joyful, and goes above and beyond to give you a good experience. Their shop is cozy and full of life. If you need an inviting place to talk and enjoy each other's company, this is the perfect place. You can enjoy a special treat and make some family memories at the same time! You will never regret the time spent together, the laughs, and the conversation over a pleasant meal.

family of 3 laughing together
mom snuggling baby boy by the window
family of 3 at House of Glory
family of 3 laughing together by brick wall

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