Congratulations, you are engaged! Now what?!! There is so much to plan. What do you start with first?

One of the very first steps in wedding planning is choosing a venue, and there are many considerations and details that go into finding the right space for your big day. Location isn't everything, but it certainly makes a big difference. As a wedding photographer, I have seen a range of wedding venues and know that the space you choose will certainly have a big role in the feeling of your day, your guests' experience, and the photographic memories that you have to cherish for years to come. Southern Oregon has a range of gorgeous wedding venues, both outdoors, indoors, and in between. If you are newly engaged or helping plan a wedding, keep reading to find out more about one of Southern Oregon's finest wedding venue options!

Sungate Wedding barn with snow on the ground

Sungate Weddings is located right outside of Grants Pass, OR at the base of Mt. Sexton. It is rustic and beautiful and truly full-service with lots of parking (hosts 85 vehicles), lawn space, a cute garden area, a large playground, bathroom, bride getting ready room, man cave, and a big climate-controlled barn with loft, seating and tables for 150 guests, and 2 different kitchens for staging food. They also have decorations and drink dispensers available for use.

Sungate Weddings was born in 2020 with lawn space and tents. The hosts have put a lot of thought and work into building this beautiful venue. Every detail has been thought of, and they are more than happy to accommodate your unique wedding day. They know how important this day is to you and your friends and family. They are warm, welcoming, and hospitable and quite obviously enjoy helping people celebrate the most important events in their lives!

windows in a barn with a reflection of snow
floral table piece with window in the background
bride and groom nuzzle while holding the bouquet of flowers
bouquet of flowers held by bride and groom showing off the ring
barn hall with floral table piece on the table

Sungate Weddings offers a variety of packages, starting at $4500+ for wedding parties and $500+ for other events.

bride and groom laugh and hold each other
bouquet of flowers in a vase
table scape set for bridal party
barn hall with tables and balcony
barn hall with tables
barn hall with surrey

Such a beautiful indoor space takes care of the worry about Southern Oregon unpredictable weather for your special day. You can relax and have peace of mind that your day will be breathtaking, no matter what the weather does. And with the balcony space and nicely decorated interior, your photographer will be able to capture gorgeous portraits, even if it is pouring outside! This is the perfect option if you love the outdoors but want to play it safe with staying dry and warm on your wedding day. Your ceremony could be outdoors on the lawn space with a view of the mountain or inside the climate-controlled barn.

Sungate also has a beautiful surrey that can be pulled by a horse or simply used for a photo booth. This very unique option can add so much romance to your special day. Imagine arriving to your wedding in horse and buggy! Or riding of into the sunset in a horse drawn carriage for all your friends and family to see after pledging your life to the one you love!

view of the surrey through the stairway
bride and groom sitting in the surrey

The balcony in the barn hall provides another smaller, gathering area for guests or a cozy spot to sit and relax while enjoying the view. There is a small outdoor balcony with gorgeous views that can give cover for outdoor photos if the weather is wet. The spaces are cozy and well decorated. There is ample space for big wedding parties and all of your reception needs.

bride and groom sit on the stairs and laugh together
stairs going up to the balcony
closeup of the bouquet of flowers
balcony with sliding door and couches
balcony with sliding door and comfy chairs
view of the mountain with snow

If you choose Sungate Weddings as your wedding venue you can relax and know that you and your guests are in good hands. Your special day now has a special place, and that is one thing off of the long list of wedding details that you are taking care of. Now you can move on to the next task with peace of mind that your venue will be gorgeous, no matter what the weather.

bride and groom nuzzle
bride laughs up at the groom
floral table piece and a view of the barn hall
barn hall stairs going up to the balcony
bride and groom sit on the table and hold hands

After you tackle finding the best wedding venue, I would suggest taking a look at some wedding invitations and choosing an aesthetic, including colors and theme for your big day. (You can find out more in this article Your Love Story, Your Design | Making Memories with Basic Invite Wedding Invitations - Grateful Moments Photography)

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