Anticipation filled the air, and the sun bathed Sungate Place in a warm, golden glow as the magical day of Ben and Kassandra's wedding began. The venue was adorned with beautiful decorations, and the sweet sounds of children's laughter echoed through the air, setting the perfect atmosphere for a day filled with love and joy.

As family and friends gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion, their support and love for the couple were palpable throughout the entire day. It was evident that this was a wedding deeply cherished by all, and the couple was surrounded by a community of people who held them dear to their hearts. One of the most heartwarming moments of the day was the highly anticipated first look. Ben stood with a mix of excitement and nervousness, hardly able to bring himself to turn around and see his radiant bride. It was a moment of pure, unfiltered emotion, a glimpse into a love so genuine and profound that it left everyone present in awe. Ben and Kassandra's love story is one that embodies selflessness and consideration for each other. Tears welled up in the eyes of family and friends during the heartfelt vows, and there was an abundance of joy and laughter throughout the day. The newlyweds embarked on their journey hand in hand, greeted by the support and blessings of their loved ones. The wedding day was an emotional rollercoaster, a whirlwind of feelings, and a celebration of love, unity, and the promise of forever. I was honored to be a part of capturing such a special occasion, and I wish Ben and Kassandra many blessings as they embark on the journey of marriage together. I hope that you enjoy the highlights of their day as you scroll through the images!

groom kisses bride
bouquet of flowers at the ceremony
bride's wedding dress
portrait of bride with flower crown
sunflower and red roses bride's bouquet
wedding rings
wedding bouquets on a reception table
bride's bouquet in boots
necklace with a sunflower
mother of the bride and the bride
first look with groom
bride and groom see each other
groom looks at bride at first look
first look with dad
portrait of the bride and her father
groom and his groomsmen
groom and his groomsmen cheer
groom and groomsmen laugh together
bride and her bridesmaids
groom escorts in
bridesmaid escorted in
bridesmaid and groomsman enter ceremony
groomsman and bridesmaid and their son enter ceremony
best man and maid of honor enter ceremony
flower girls enter
ring bearers enter
groom sees his bride
bride escorted in by her father
full ceremony
bride reads her vows
groom looks at bride
bride during ceremony
first kiss
family portrait
groom's family portrait
boys playing by stream
bride and her sister kiss their father
bride and groom look at each other
groom looks at bride
portrait of the bride with her groom
bride and groom embrace
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom walk together
first dance
first dance portrait
bride and groom embrace
bride dances with father
father kisses bride
groom dances with sister
groom dances with sister
dancing with the groom
dancing with the groom portrait
groom cries while dancing with sister
bride and groom laugh during toasts
best man toast
maid of honor toast
bride dancing with group
cutting the cake
sunflower wedding cake
sunflower wedding cake flowers
bride and groom portrait

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