As a wedding photographer, it is not every day that I get to capture the wedding of dear friends.

Over the course of the past year, I have had the privilege of getting to know Logan and Keanna, along with their little boy, Björn, as we attend the same church. They are a very special family, and every moment with them feels like a gift.

I was overjoyed for the opportunity to not only celebrate this special day with them but also to have the honor of telling the story of their wedding day through timeless images. Every detail of this wedding was like a fairytale. From the opulent dresses to the luxurious cake and the elegant table decor, every element was special to this couple and celebrated who they are. The day was absolutely gorgeous in every way.

Logan and Keanna stood with family and friends, took part in the sacrament of marriage in the Orthodox church, and then enjoyed the company of those who mean the most to them to celebrate such a monumental occasion. They were both absolutely glowing. Many people traveled quite a distance to show their love and support, and the entire day was a testament to how loved this family truly is.

There were countless moments to remember, and I hope you enjoy taking a peek with this visual scroll through Logan and Keanna's wedding day!

Groom admires bride inside a church
Wedding dress photo on a garden archway
bride's earrings
bride's cross necklace
bride's dress with light pink bridesmaid dresses
bride's boots
bride with bridesmaids robe shot
bride with her flower girls in their robes
ring bearer and son of the bride and groom in a tux
flower girl in blue dress
ring bearer portrait
lacing up the back of a dress
getting ready photo with pink dress
mother of the bride getting her dressed
getting the bride ready
close up on the back of the wedding dress while getting ready
Getting the bride ready group shot
portrait of the bride getting ready
portrait of the bride
bride in her wedding gown
portrait of the bride with her mom
bride's sister puts the veil on
bustling the dress
portrait of the bride smiling
Ring bearer brings a flower to mom
bride with her son portrait
bride's hands with the details of the dress
St Innocent Orthodox Church
the bell tower at the church
bride walking in
bride ready to go in the church
Groom waiting for the bride
Bride and her mom entering the church
Bride and her mom smile at each other
Groom and bride holding candles
betrothal ceremony during wedding
groom and bride during wedding ceremony
Priest blessing the groom
sponsor putting on the rings
the shared cup, crowns, and gospel
bridesmaids during ceremony
groomsmen during ceremony
bride's mom during ceremony
icon of the resurrection of Christ
priest praying during the ceremony
bridesmaids and flower girls
groom and bride pray during the ceremony with guests looking on
groomsmen during the wedding ceremony
bridesmaids during the ceremony

The crowning ceremony in an Orthodox wedding is a profound ritual that symbolizes the couple's union and their shared responsibilities. During this part of the service, the priest places crowns or wreaths, known as "stefana," on the heads of the bride and groom. These crowns represent the glory and honor bestowed upon them by God, as well as their new roles as king and queen of their household.

The crowning is also a reminder of the martyrdom and sacrifice inherent in marriage, symbolizing the couple's commitment to each other and to their faith. The priest then leads the couple around the altar three times in a ceremonial walk called the "Dance of Isaiah," signifying their eternal journey together and the joy of their union. This walk is accompanied by hymns and represents the couple's first steps as a married couple, guided by the church and blessed by God.

the priest crowning the groom
the priest crowning the bride
bride and groom crowned
dance of Isaiah with bride and groom
bride and bride's sponsor during the dance of Isaiah
priest, groom, and groom's sponsor during the dance of Isaiah
bride and groom share a moment during the ceremony
priest reading prayers during the wedding ceremony
couple prays during the ceremony
bridesmaids look on during the wedding
priest talking to bride and groom
bride and groom look at each other
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom exit the church
bride and groom come out to rose petals in the air
bride and groom cheered by friends and family
bride and groom come down the stairs
bridal party portrait inside the church
bride with her bridesmaids
groom with his groomsmen portrait
bride and groom with priest and sponsors
bride and groom with ring bearers and flower girls
bride and groom with their son
bride and groom kiss inside the church
bride and groom embrace
portrait of bride and groom
bride and groom in the church with the veil in the foreground
portrait of the bride
bride and groom together
the bride's bouquet
bride and groom laugh together
groom kisses bride
groom looks at bride
bride and groom with rainbow light on the floor
bride and groom both smiling
bride leans on groom's shoulder
bride and groom outside of the Orthodox church with mountain views
bride and groom embrace by the church
bride gets in the limo
reception tables
flowers at the reception
sweetheart table
table decor
reception table decor
wedding reception wine bottle
front view of the sweetheart table
wedding cake
card table for wedding reception travel theme
full cake table
entrance of the bride and groom
bride's family portrait
bride with siblings
bride's family by the creek
groom's parents with the bride and groom
groom's side of the family
portrait of the groom by the creek
bride with her mom by the creek
groom laughing
champagne for the toast
pouring champagne
bride and groom's first dance
bride and groom dancing
bride and groom dancing with lights above them
bride and groom first dance
flowers around the dance floor
bride hugs her mom
bride and mom dance
bride's mom kisses her
Mother son dance
groom and his mom dance
mother of the groom during mother son dance
flowers around the dance floor yellow
flower girl dancing
couple dancing at wedding reception
red flowers around the dance floor
couple dancing at wedding reception
groom's parents dancing
newborn baby during reception dancing
cutting the cake
bride feeds the groom
son feeds the groom cake
groom feeds the bride cake

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