Your wedding day is important! You put a lot of work into planning, searching, and fitting all of the details together for that special day. You work to create a memorable experience that celebrates the love you have as a couple as well as the love you share with the people closest to you. Finding the right venue can make all of the difference in the world.

As a wedding photographer, I have seen a lot of different locations, and each one is unique. Pacifica: A Garden in the Siskiyous in Grants Pass, OR is a venue that offers both stunning outdoor views and large indoor spaces to meet the needs of your wedding. The staff is very communicative and accommodating, and the price can fit a range of budgets. Keep reading to find out more!

bride and groom embrace with the mountains behind them
bride and groom laugh together while dancing by the pond
bride and groom dance together on the dock by the pond

Pacifica: A Garden in the Siskiyous is located in the gorgeous Applegate Valley by Grants Pass, OR. It offers 400 acres of conserved land with a variety of amenities available to wedding parties: a climate controlled Great Hall, Pavilion, Wedding Garden, and Pond House. The setting is absolutely gorgeous with a pond and breathtaking mountain views. There is no end to beautiful spots with lots of trails to explore. If you love the outdoors, this is the perfect location to enjoy nature and get amazing wedding portraits that preserve your memories for generations to come.

bride and groom with baby girl
groom nuzzles into bride while she smiles
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One of the most common wedding day worries is about weather! After all that work planning, everyone wants to have a good plan b in case of rain. You just never know what the Southern Oregon climate is going to be like on any given day. No matter what time of year, weather is always something you want to keep in mind while planning your wedding.

Pacifica offers a great variety of indoor spaces for overnight stay, getting ready spaces, ceremony location, and reception area. The Great Hall is large and climate controlled and has a great wood floor for dancing. The floor-to-ceiling 16 ft roll up glass door helps to extend the outdoor feeling, even if you are cooped up inside on a rainy day. There is also a big Pavilion right outside the glass door that can be used for either the ceremony or extra reception space. The Great Hall is also equipped with handicapped accessible bathrooms, a bride's room, and a small prep kitchen. Speaking from experience, access to a kitchen is a huge perk!

pacifica great hall

As a wedding photographer, I know that having a dedicated space on location for the bride to get ready is important! To be able to get ready with your bridesmaids and not worry about commuting to your wedding venue can give you extra time to really enjoy the day. And with the bride's room at the Great Hall, you have everything you need to prepare and document that getting ready time with your closest friends. And whether you choose to do a first look or wait to see each other until the ceremony, Pacifica has more than enough room to plan the logistics of where everyone will be. This will give your photographer more than enough options for capturing the best photos.

pacifica bride's getting ready room
pacifica great hall pavillion

In Southern Oregon, a covered outdoor space is a must! The weather can turn at any moment, and it is a great benefit to have dry, outdoor space for your guests to enjoy. This also allows your photographer to get stunning outdoor portraits, even if the weather doesn't cooperate.

If you like to dance, the Great Hall is the perfect spot for your reception! With a large dance floor, tall ceilings, and a big space there is room for dining and dancing in this reception space. You can share your first dance as a married couple on this Great Hall dance floor, surrounded by friends and family as they cheer you on.

bride and groom share a moment while dancing
bride looks up at groom
bride and groom embrace
bride smiles at groom while dancing
bride and groom dance together
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groom kisses bride while dancing

One thing you don't want to miss out on at Pacifica is the pond! With such gorgeous views, this is the perfect spot to wake up on the day of your wedding. In the morning, the pond life is magical as birds race in and out skimming the surface of the water for breakfast. If you are a couple that loves nature, I can't imagine a better place to wake up on the day that you pledge your lives to one another! The use of the pond house for overnight stay as well as a small wedding ceremony (around 50 guests max) is a great option at Pacifica. There are also plenty of camping and rv amenities on location for out of town guests.

mom and two girls sit on a bench by the pond

Pacifica offers a variety of packages that range from $3500 - $7500, depending on the services you are looking for.

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mom holds little girl by the pond

As a family and wedding photographer, Pacifica Forest Gardens is one of my favorite venues in Southern Oregon! As families step out of the car, I so often hear exclamations about the beauty that surrounds us. It is a location that looks great any time of year! Even in the dead of winter, the pond glistens, the now snow-capped mountains still call for exploration, and the evergreen trees add depth and color. There is nothing quite like the Applegate Valley. It is something you truly have to see for yourself. Whether it's a wedding, family photos, or a day out hiking, this is definitely a location that you want to see and explore for yourself. It is full of history, gorgeous views, and offers a variety of amenities to both wedding parties and other guests. It is a true gem of a location for engaged couples planning their wedding and beyond!

bride kisses groom while dancing

If you are planning your wedding, congratulations! Enjoy this season every step of the way. And if you live near Southern Oregon, take the time to check out this amazing venue.

After you tackle finding the best wedding venue, I would suggest taking a look at some wedding invitations and choosing an aesthetic, including colors and theme for your big day. (You can find out more in this article Your Love Story, Your Design | Making Memories with Basic Invite Wedding Invitations - Grateful Moments Photography)

Thanks for reading!