So you booked your family photo session and hoped for good weather. But now it looks like a chance of rain. What do you do?! For those courageous and adventurous enough to tackle a session in the rain, new possibilities await! Here are my top 5 reasons to just go for it, even if there is rain in the forecast.

"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again!"

I know the disappointment. You were hoping for a beautiful picture-perfect day, right? To see rain in the forecast can change the outlook instantly. And while everyone has different comfort levels with being out in the rain, and it is always possible to reschedule a session, I want to encourage you to give it a try if you are up for the adventure! Here's why...

Reason #1: Last-minute changes

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be right? I can't even count the many sessions that had rain in the forecast but wonderful weather at the actual time of the session. It is easy to panic when the weather doesn't look great, but it is so hard to tell what it will actually be like until the day of the session. Of course, the hourly forecasts can help us get a better idea. If you decide to go for it anyway, you may just be pleasantly surprised by a last-minute change in weather that keeps everyone dry.

Reason #2: Lighting

Cloud coverage can be a dream for photography! It opens up so many new possibilities. Most locations are fairly limited in harsh light. But if you add a little cloud cover, the options can be endless. The clouds become a giant softbox for the sun and can produce the most gorgeous soft light, giving you amazing photos.

Reason #3: Pretty skies

The sky can be a wonderful backdrop to your family photos. And the extra bonus is that cloudy skies are often glorious, producing rich colors and texture in the background of your photos.

Reason #4: Adventure and creativity

Most locations allow for some undercover options. And there is always the possibility of using umbrellas. And for the even more adventurous, standing out in a little bit of rain can bring a lot of giggles, fun, and creativity. Puddles can be great for reflections. And there is just something invigorating about dancing in the rain with those you love.

Reason #5: Memories you won't forget

On one of the rainiest photo sessions I've done, mom stepped out of their car and said "Are you ready for a photo session in the rain?" with so much joy and excitement that it set the mood for the entire session. These are the memories you won't forget. When it is all about the adventure and the time spent together as a family, you just can't help but get good photos!

So next time there is rain in the forecast for you, I hope this has encouraged you to take a risk, be adventurous, and see what happens. You just might walk away with a fun story to tell and photos that you treasure for a lifetime!



All photos in this post were from rainy day sessions :)